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What Makes Modern Environments So Unhealthy?

Unhealthiness is a combination of many different factors – here are some of the most prominent.

  • Escapism: There’s no denying that our working lives are stressful. Almost three-quarters of adults are stressed about money (and a significant number are extremely stressed about it), which leads directly into forms of escapism. Whether it’s sitting and watching television, using drugs and alcohol, or acting out in other ways, our methods of venting stress trend towards unhealthy.
  • Emphasis on Convenience: As a general rule, we like things that are easy. In fact, modern culture often demands that things be easy. However, what’s easy and what’s healthy are often two completely different things. It’s easy to watch a funny show during dinner, but hard to go out and exercise. It’s easy to pick up microwavable meals from the store, but hard to put a meal together from scratch.
  • Over-reliance on Digital Diagnoses: As most doctors will be more than happy to explain, the internet is not a good source of information about our health. We often focus on individual details (such as the size or coloring of a problem) and latch onto the first explanation that seems to make sense. Unfortunately, that often leads people astray, since they may not recognize that their problem is actually a symptom of another issue that a doctor would easily have found.
  • Disease-Prone Environments: Offices, like schools, are not particularly sanitary spaces. Diseases can spread across an office in just a few hours, and while something as simple as a daily use of sanitary wipes could drastically cut down on sick days (and lost productivity).

Source of information: http://ahha.org/selfhelp-articles/healthy-living-in-a-modern-environment/

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