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Ukraine Rotavirus Outbreak

Ukraine Rotavirus Outbreak – What you need to know about the highly contagious disease?

Dear parents,
You have probably heard about the recent outbreak of Rotavirus in Ukraine.

Rotavirus is a highly contagious virus that causes gastroenteritis. Its main symptoms are diarrhea and vomiting, sometimes causing severe dehydration.

Those most at risk from rotavirus are:

  • Infants and children under 2 years of age;
  • Infants with a low birth weight who are still underweight;
  • Infants and children with other medical conditions, eg: heart or kidney disease, or diabetes .

Prevention / vaccination

  • To help prevent the spread of rotavirus in the community, children with diarrhea and / or vomiting infection should be kept home from school or early childhood care services for 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhea or vomiting.
  • For older children and adults, who are less likely to develop serious symptoms from rotavirus infection, frequent and thorough hand-washing, especially after using the toilet, changing nappies, cleaning up vomit, or helping a child to use the toilet, is the best way to prevent infection.
  • Vaccination is the best way to protect against rotavirus. The rotavirus vaccine is an oral vaccine that is available at AMC Kyiv for infants and children.

For more information about rotavirus and rotavirus vaccination, please contact AMC Kyiv anytime at +380 (44) 490 76 00,


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