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The Right Hobby for your Child

There are many opportunities to choose a hobby in our modern world. Choose the right avocation for your child by understanding her individual characteristics.

When choosing a sport, it is better to think about your child’s body type. A sport like swimming is excellent on all muscle groups and optimal for a child’s posture, but not necessarily desirable for children with allergies or skin diseases. Wrestling, dancing or running sports will suit more active children. In addition, sports such as volleyball, badminton, and basketball help improve the growth of the child.

Children with respiratory system disorders may want to engage in playing wind instruments and singing, thereby contributing to the development of respiratory muscles and improving the gas exchange processes in the lungs.

According to scientists, any activity that brings pleasure increases self- esteem. Hobbies teach children to be responsible, independent, and to treat others with care. When choosing a hobby it is very important to take into account individual personality characteristics: character and temperament. Choleric people, for example, may need sports more than others; melancholic may find creative activities more engaging; phlegmatic, educational; and sanguine children may find everything exciting! Most importantly, I feel, is to make sure the child is fully engaged, enthusiastic, and has a genuine interest in the hobby.

Some hobbies help develop certain qualities. For example, weaving, embroidery, knitting, making crafts, as well as playing musical instruments help strengthen perseverance, patience, and fine motor skills. Music and painting are perfect for children with an easily excitable nervous system and creative nature. Chess, entertaining mathematics and the study of foreign languages develop memory and logical thinking.

Parents should take an active part in children’s hobbies: to encourage and stimulate motivation, to praise the child and support. Sharing a hobby is even more fun and helps improve mutual understanding and relationships between parents and children. If the child refuses further training, then it is necessary to find the reason and understand.

But it is very important not to overload the child. Mental activity should be alternated with sports, preferably in the fresh air. Spend more time with your children and have fun together!

Dr. Oxana Chernyshova, Chief Pediatrician, AMC Kyiv

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