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Strong Bones Equal Youth and Vitality

Bones are the body’s foundation. Having strong dense bones is essential for good posture, strength and balance.

The quality of our skeletal structure has a direct impact on our appearance, vitality and energy level.  Bone loss and osteoporosis can be prevented and possibly reversed with proper diet and lifestyle. Two of the easiest ways to achieve this are eating more
soy-based calcium rich foods and including weight-bearing activities in our daily routine.

  1. The ability to absorb and retain calcium.  Diets high in animal protein leach calcium and other important minerals from the bones. They cause our body’s acid loads to increase, which forces our system to pump more water into the kidneys to help flush it out. This diuretic response results in excessive calcium and magnesium excretion, which leads to osteoporosis.
    Soy protein enhances calcium retention and absorption, resulting in less excretion in the urine. Studies found that soy’s protein and isoflavones increase bone mineral content, density, quality and strength. They also noted that soy helps the body’s ability to rebuild bone, and may even reverse osteoporosis. Soy foods like tofu; made with calcium sulfate, tempeh and fortified soymilk, provide calcium, magnesium and isoflavones our body can more easily absorb and retain.
  2. Weight bearing and aerobic exercises are necessary to create bone building benefits. Any activity that causes you to lift weight, including your own body weight, is considered a weight bearing exercise. Examples include stair climbing, squats, pushups, sit-ups, gardening, house cleaning (if we do a squat instead of just bending over to pick things up), walking, hiking, jogging and dancing.Walking is the simplest and safest method of building and maintaining healthy bones.

These simple dietary and lifestyle changes will also increase energy levels, enhance mobility and help us stay young at any age.

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