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Stop, Take Stock, & Detox

Tips you can start incorporating a week or two before your detox program.  Feel prepared, empowered, and ready for success!

1. Stock Your Fridge: Eat large amounts – 7 servings a day – of deeply colored fruits and vegetables.  Colorful fruits and vegetables will give you antioxidants to safely remove toxins from your body through your liver.  Antioxidants prevent tissue damage, or oxidative stress, that often accompanies a detoxification program.

2.  Wake Up and Don’t Smell The Coffee:  Instead, brew organic green tea. This will also support and prep the liver (antioxidants from the tea) while weaning your body off caffeine.  Coffee is highly sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides – you do not need to be putting these extra toxins into your body!

3. Pantry Purge:  Stop buying sugar laden and processed foods and do not allow them in the house.  If they are already there, toss them (without the guilt!).  You’ll be less likely to be tempted or to cheat on your detox with these items missing from your kitchen.

4. Hydration Station:  Increase your water intake to better hydrate your body before you start!  A well-hydrated body performs much better than a dehydrated body.  Here’s an easy way to remember to hydrate.  Fill a glass of water before bedtime and put it on your nightstand.  When you wake up in the morning, drink your glass of water before getting out of bed.  That extra hydration will energize your body and help flush out toxins before you even step your feet on the ground.

These simple, everyday tips to a healthier lifestyle can be incorporated to prep and support a detox program, and will benefit anyone who is looking to make small healthy steps to lasting change.

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COVID-19 Testing at American Medical Centers

We have tested thousands of patients across the country for COVID-19 since we began testing in early April. Here’s the latest information on our testing services:

Whether you have detected COVID-19 symptoms, require an Official COVID-19 Certificate for travelling purposes or if you’re wondering if you’ve previously had coronavirus — contact your local AMC.

Where is AMC testing patients for COVID-19?

We’re currently offering PCR testing to anyone interested either in the clinic or in the comfort of your home/hotel.


If you require numerous employees to be tested on the same day for an upcoming business trip, we can organise an onsite workplace testing session.

How long does it take to get back results?

Results for PCR Testing takes up to 24 hours to process. We also offer rapid testing for those requiring same-day results.

COVID-19 Fit to Fly Travel Certificates available at AMC

Upon request, we may provide a Covid-19 travel certificate for travel purposes, verified by a doctor to provide proof of a negative test result, at no additional cost. When required, a certified Covid-19 travel certificate can be presented to show you’re safe to fly and enter a country.

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