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Steps that should be taken during a health crisis

Steps that should be taken during a health crisis:

  • Get support for yourself. Ask family, friends, and loved ones who are ready to accept your belief systems to help you in the way you ask for help.
  • Explore every treatment option. You can take more control of your medical challenge if you understand all of your options. Know the disease affecting you and all the options of treatment that can cure, delay, or stop your illness. This can be a great deal of work, but your health is well worth the effort.
  • Understand the treatment. Request information regarding any drugs and therapies you are taking. Better still, research them yourself. Libraries and book stores stock The Physician’s Desk Reference which described the effects and side effects of various available drugs. (Hire a medical research service to provide you with success rates and side effects of treatments.)
  • Be a “feisty partner”. Let your doctor know you are responsible for you and your illness. Assure him/her that you will actively work with the doctor towards a cure. Passive patients usually become victims of not only their disease, but of the treatment as well.
  • Take responsibility for the outcome. Remember treatments merely support your body to heal itself. Being responsible for yourself and the plan of treatment you choose to follow allows not only a greater opportunity for a healing, but also for the peace of mind from which true healing flows.

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