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Staying Healthy in Middle Age

From 40-50 the male body begin to undergo transformations. It is an pooprtubity time to protect yourself from future illnesses. Specialists at AMC suggest five areas of importance and how you may defend against the perils of aging.

Cardiovascular Health

Heart attacks occur four times more often in men under 55 than in women of the same age. Half a million Ukrainians die each year of cardiovascular disease – one of the highest rates in Europe. Those particularly at risk are smokers, diabetics and those with obesity and high blood pressure. Men are more prone to vascular disease as it is prevented in women by the hormone oestrogen which can be seen as a cleaner of blood vessels preventing heart attacks, strokes and narrowing of the coronary arteries. Attention to lifestyle, weight, a low fat diet and regular excercise all prevent such problems whist cardiographs and excercise cardiographs can help diagnose them.

Spine, bones and joints

The World Health Authority estimates that 80% of people over 40 complain of back ache and joint pains, much of this is linked to modern lifestyle, inactivity and weakness of the supporting muscles of the spine whilst an unbalanced diet high in carbohydrates and low in protein is bad for bone structure. Many men over 40 have some degree of joint pain, back stiffness or knee and hip pain. Osteoporosis or thinning of the bone can lead to fractures and dangerous injuries. Regular excercise, mobility and a diet high in calcium all help prevent these conditions.

Hormonal changes

Over the age of 40 some men have a decrease in sexual hormones – often called the andropause – causing decreased sex drive, impotence, weight gain poor memory and irritability. Of all these it is often impotence that drives them to see an endocrinologist or urologist. Modern medicine practiced by well trained and sympathetic doctors can help overcome these problems.


With age the clearness of vison – visual acuity – decreases, it is made worse by long hours of computer work, poor diet, long hours and tobacco smoking, nicotine disrupts the natural pigments in the back of the eye, sometimes called nature’s sunglasses. Regular eye checks are an important part of health after 40.

Cancer Risks

All men over 50 have an increased chance of developing prostate cancer and statistics for the cure of both this and lung, laryngeal and stomach cancer all heavily depend upon early diagnosis. Smoking causes some 30% of all cancers. At the age of 40-50 men who are at the top of their careers should not only pay attention to their bodies and seek help if they feel anything is abnormal but also have regular medical checks.

Be more relaxed, excercise for at least 30 minutes each day, eat a normal diet seeking to be a normal weight, stop smoking, pay attention to your own body and have an annual health check.

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