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Staying healthy after 30

The main thing you should do is put yourself at the top of your priority list. Wellness is important, especially after age 30, because getting older brings with it an abundance of new metabolic, physical, physiological, emotional and mental challenges. And while change can be unsettling, this time of change can also be viewed as an opportunity to get the most out of life.

Here are some suggestions to start creating a life that honors your wellness:

  1. Be honest about how well you really are. Realistically look at the areas of your life: physical, career, relationships, finances, spiritual, environment and emotional
  2. Assess your readiness for change and willingness to embrace it. Identify and write down the benefits of wellness to your life and your willingness to make the necessary changes.
  3. Identify and eliminate barriers and challenges that could impede your success.There are always barriers to overcome as we move toward our goals. Select one barrier to work on at time.
  4. Set clearly defined and measurable wellness goals. Create fun and interesting ways to fulfill your goals.
  5. Create meaningful wellness priorities. Take a closer look at how you spend your time on an average day.
  6. Challenge your wellness changes and strive to achieve even more. Make simple changes first and then take a look at the things that are harder.
  7. Design and refine your goals so you’ll get the most out of them everyday. If you don’t get the results you want in a reasonable amount of time, go back to the “drawing board.”
  8. Make lasting changes to your lifestyle. Identify and celebrate your accomplishments.

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