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Smart Way to Detox Before the Holidays

There are plenty of reasons to cleanse and detox before the holidays.
These are just a few:

  1. you’ll be rid of the body’s internal roller coaster of sugar highs and lows which will help you make better choices at the holiday dinner table;
  2. you’ll have a better sense of portion control;
  3. your body will be in optimal condition, making it easier to bounce back from that piece of pie or several glasses of wine;
  4. your immune system will thank you. Getting healthier before the holidays will help boost your immune system and help keep you from getting sick during one of the busiest times of the year.

4 simple easy steps:

  1. have a delicious healing 26 grams of protein packed smoothie for breakfast;
  2. eat a balanced, plant based Paleo lunch focused on greens, protein and healthy fat;
  3. take digestive supplements each day – probiotic, herbal formula and enzymes;
  4. have a second delicious 26 grams of protein packed smoothie for dinner.
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