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School Bullying: Why Parents Should Be Aware?

After centuries of primary school, social awareness, and preventative education throughout the world, school bullying remains a global challenge.

Indeed, whether in the playground or at school, violence is pervasive, sometimes extremely dangerous, and often unseen by adults. In addition to physical and verbal “bullying,” technology has brought an even more effective and far-reaching form we now call “Cyber- bullying.”

The phenomenon of bullying is closely associated with mental health both as an outcome and trigger for many mental and behavioral disorders. These forms of aggression can have both short and long- lasting psychological and general clinical outcomes both for the target or the victim and for the perpetrator.

Bullying victims are proven to be more prone to the development of depression, anxiety disorders, self- harming, and suicide, both in their childhood and adulthood.

On the other hand, bulliers often have low or premature social behaviors and suffer from peer rejection and isolation that may also lead to depression, delinquency, and substance abuse. These disorders have massive social consequences and make bullying a real and serious social and medical problem.

Prevention of bullying and dealing with its consequences is a collaboration between all interested parties: school staff, parents and, in some circumstances, a child psychologist or psychiatrist. As a parent, educator, or concerned adult, don’t wait. Ask your child about bullying today!

For more information or to speak to a Child Psychologist or Child Psychiatrist, please call your local AMC.


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