QSI Children’s Day at AMC - American Medical Centers Киев

QSI Children’s Day at AMC

In March, American Medical Centers helped organize an informational tour for eight and nine year-old students of Kiev International School.

The purpose of the lecture and tour was to introduce children to the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The children were shown:

  • How to provide first aid
  • How to handle an injury such as a burn, cut, or frostbite
  • What to do with a hard bruise or fracture
  • How to measure blood pressure, height and weight
  • What an Ultrasound machine can show us
  • What is healthy nutrition and which foods are best for us
  • How to wash hands and clean our teeth properly

We would like to invite all children interested in learning more about healthy lifesyle habits to visit us at AMC!

We are currently offering student tours at our Centers in the following cities:

American Medical Centers.
Looking forward to welcoming you!
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