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Primary food

This is a unique nutrition theory! People who eat healthy are not always necessarily healthy. They may try to get the exact right amount of flax seed oil, or try to drink only bottled water, or have only super foods for breakfast.Yet others would eat literally “garbage”, like we’ve all seen at a party or in a movie theater. And they seem to be just so healthy!

Part of it is genetics, and part of that is definitely Primary Food. And so to be able to understand that our health determination is not just what we eat, it’s also water you drink, the air you breathe, the love in your life, the fact that you exercise and all those things.

Yes, food is very important. It’s what creates our cells, our tissues, our blood, our organs, our skin, our hair, our thoughts, our feelings, and our future. That’s really important, but even more important is having your primary food: having love in our lives, moving our bodies, having a healthy career.

For example, our relationships. For people who go home and binge at night, do you think that same exact person would binge if he were to come home to someone who gave him a warm hug and said I love you? Much less likely, right? So you have to ask yourself: does this person have an eating disorder or does he have love deficiency?

There is this concept that is called Vitamin “L”. Just as you know there are vitamins A, B, C, so vitamin L – is LOVE. Understanding the importance of this nutrient in our daily diet will help healing occur more rapidly. Today in the field of relationships there is a breakdown of marriage, a lot of them end up in divorce and even if they stay together – it doesn’t mean that they are happy, a lot of people stay together just because they are afraid NOT to stay together.

It’s not just our relationships either, it’s also our careers. If you were in a job that you didn’t like, that is painful to be at, where your coworkers are kind of the last people you ever want to see again, but you spend all day every day with them. The job is frequently diametrically opposed to your personal values. This is NOT healthy! You know, you will come home and will do something to hurt yourself. Remember, the environment you’re in affects your health and your future.

Next is physical activity. You can spend a lot of money on food, but if you’re not exercising, you’re not assimilating or digesting the food in the same way.

Spirituality. People with a spiritual practice heal faster and stronger. It brings momentum to what they want to achieve in their lives. For some it is their traditional religion that they were raised in, for others it may be some new religion, eastern religion, maybe yoga. It could be found in nature. Whatever brings depth and personal individual strength.

So nutrition alone maybe missing the point. There is so much more that people need for ultimate health! We as human beings have this amazing potential to heal ourselves by ourselves. We have the intelligence and the drive towards having a great life. And so it’s up to you, where do you want to go with this single precious life of yours.

Genuinely, Violetta Sokol
Psychologist, Psychotherapist
Health Coach
Mental Health Department

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Where is AMC testing patients for COVID-19?

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