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Preparing for Pregnancy

The Decision to become a mom is one of the most important, decisions in a woman’s life. It is no wonder that more and more future moms are trying to prepare themselves for the birth of a new life. Given the importance of the topic, we decided to mark a few milestones on the way.

Tips from the Gynaecologist

The most common cause of unsuccessful conception or complications during pregnancy are inflammatory processes caused by infections of the genitourinary system. In preparing women for pregnancy the gynaecologist places emphasis on the diagnosis of such infectious diseases as chlamydia. According to statistics, 8 out of 10 women infected with chlamydia will likely have a miscarriage. With a view to early detection of pathological processes patients should also undergo cytological examination of cervical epithelium.(Pap test).

An important aspect of pre-pregnancy is to determine the Rh factor in blood of women. About 15% of women are Rh-negative and this can cause a possible immunological conflict if a child inherits a positive Rh factor from his father. As the conflict will be serious in later pregnancies Rh negative mothers are given anti-rhesus immunoglobulin after birth.

Tips from the Family Doctor

Before becoming pregnant it is important to be sure that the woman is healthy. To this end, examinations and a complete blood count is taken. A urinalysis helps us to understand how fully the mother’s body will be able to cope with the processes of well pregnancy and with the fetus as a whole.

It is equally important to check the immune status of women, particularly in respect of such diseases as rubella or German Measles. Many people don’t take this childhood infection seriously. However, if rubella virus passes through the placental barrier in the mother’s first trimester of pregnancy in 85% of cases it can cause a number of fetal malformations. If an expectant mother has no antibodies to rubella, she may be vaccinated, but no later than 3-6 months before conception.

Good dietary status is also important before pregnancy as the mother must provide all the protein building blocks during pregnancy. A varied diet and fresh vegetables are important. In addition don’t smoke or drink alcohol when you are pregnant.

Ultrasound (USS) doctor’s advice

Ultrasound scanning is a great help to physicians in determining the health of women, both before conception and during pregnancy. Along with doctor’s consultations and laboratory diagnosis, ultrasound scans (breast, pelvic, thyroid) can help assess health status before pregnancy or carefully examine the child at various stages of fetal development. Early diagnosis may help in solving problems. The main advantage of the method is that it is absolutely safe for both mother and fetus.

What else do you need to know

When preparing to conceive, the most important advice of doctors is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition, restful sleep and psychological comfort. With regard to intake of vitamins and other micronutrients, it is best to consult a doctor. We recommend that you should minimize the dose of all non prescribed medication before conception and, in particular, during pregnancy!

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