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Just Between Us, Girls. Let’s Talk About Birth Control

Choosing the right type of contraception is also key factor in allowing a woman to enjoy life. AMC doctor Lyudmila Petrovna Melnik, an experienced obstetrician-gynecologist with more than 35 years of experience, gives qualified advice on contraception.

The process of inserting a loop into the female uterine cavity to prevent the ovum (egg) from reattaching itself to the womb was first used the beginning of last century to prevent women getting pregnant. A variety of raw materials were all originally tested for this purpose, including catgut threads, silver, golden and silk loops. It wasn’t until the beginning of 1970s, that the contraceptive qualities of copper were discovered and the use of this metal in the production of intrauterine devices subsequently began. The discovery of sex hormones – estrogen and progesterone – marked a new stage in contraception development and heralded the creation of hormone contraceptive agents. A new type of protection against unwanted pregnancy, known as hormone intrauterine system, is widely used today in the Western world. It widely is considered one of the most effective and safe for the woman’s health.

Hormone intrauterine system. What is it?

The hormone intrauterine system was first developed by the Finnish scientist T. Lukkainen. In contraceptive terms, it’s reliability is equal to female sterilization but if a women chooses to stop using this contraceptive method a women can become pregnant as soon as it is removed. This method is actively used by more than 15 million women all over the world. In the USA it is the number 1 contraceptive method. This small T-shaped hormonereleasing container is inserted into the female uterus and contains a progesterone hormone – called levonorgestrel. The hormone is slowly and continuously released directly into uterus, although only small amounts of the hormone enter your blood and its contraceptive effects last up to 5 years. once the hormone inauterine system is inserted into uterus, the contraceptive effects begin immediately. In this way, the “Mirena” system fundamentally differs from other intrauterine devices that stop impregnated eggs from reattaching to the uterus lining (the inner membrane or lining of the female uterus) due to local inflammation and hyperperistalsis of the uterine tubes.

Recommendations — who should use

The hormone intrauterine system is highly recommended to women who don’t want to get pregnant. The system has other positive and curative effects, such as lessening menstrual flowo in women who have heavy and painful menstrual flow. one of the most distinctive features of this system is that it can be used by women who smoke and women who are overweight. Moreover, this system is the only reliable contraceptive method that can be used by the women who are affected by diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, hepatitis C and many other illnesses that are unconnected to the gynecological field. The intrauterine system can be used by nursing mothers too and can also be used after abortion. This system is also one of the most effective methods of contraception for older women who want an easy transition from contraception to hormone replacement therapy.


Provided the system is inserted properly into the uterus, the system is very safe and convenient as the effect of the system is gradually release of hormones into uterine cavity and not into blood.

Installation of the system

The device is inserted into uterus during the first seven days of menstruation. In order to make insertion as correct and painless as possible, the device should always be inserted by experienced gynecologist.

Pregnancy after the installation of the system

If a woman wants to become pregnant, she should consult the doctor and remove the system from the uterus straight away. After the device is removed, women can become pregnant straightaway. Some women may become pregnant soon as the first month after the removal of the device.


The benefits of using intrauterine system are obvious. The price of the system itself divided by the 5 years works out as only 2 Euros per month and is significantly lower than the cost of other alternative contraceptives over this 5 year period.

AMC have developed the following medical packages specially specifically for young women;

• “Woman’s health package” includes specialist consultations as well as a wide range of annual diagnostic and laboratory examinations for women.

• “Contraception package” includes specialist consultations, diagnostic and laboratory examinations including the installation of an intrauterine system.

• “Prenatal care program” includes all necessary visits to a gynecologist; ultrasound and examinations throughout the whole period of pregnancy; preparation for the actual birth itself; specialist consultations at the different stages of pregnancy; nursing facilities until the maternity hospital; examination of the baby by a pediatrician; and gynecology consultations after giving birth.

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