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How Smart Home Technology Can Help You Be Healthy

We are undoubtedly living in a new age of information where technology is becoming increasingly more central to our everyday lives. Connectivity is now integrated into all our interactions, transactions and into the urban fabric of our cities; using technology is now unavoidable to be a part of the modern world.

Smart Home Technology & Our Health

Science is now proving that our homes and buildings are often unhealthy, for example, due to poor air quality and lighting. We are now able to measure all the important variables in our homes more accurately and developments in smart home technology can now tackle some of the practical problems, allowing us to design homes with healthy and sustainable living at the center.

Home Lighting Systems That Wake You Up & Help You Sleep

Healthy lighting is important because we are all governed by our circadian rhythm, set to the rising and setting of the sun. This natural rhythm is so strong that the amount of light we’re exposed to can completely shift our body clocks, causing problems such as sleep disorders, eating disorders, ADHD and depression.

Light pollution in built-up areas and lack of natural daylight are both problems in cities along with the color or tone of lights in our homes and a large amount of artificial light we are exposed to from screen time.

Ensuring Indoor Air Quality Is At Its Best

Good indoor air quality is vital for health and wellbeing; we can now monitor the air quality in our homes by connecting an air quality monitor such as an Awair, which will analyze the temperature, humidity, dust, CO2, and chemicals in the atmosphere. When poor air quality arises various systems can then be activated to counteract the problems.

Smart air purification systems, dehumidifiers, and HVAC systems can also be connected to a central voice-activated hub making it much easier to regulate everything via voice command. Again this can all be controlled from a smartphone for added assurance and allow control when not at home, providing energy saving benefits.


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