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In the spring the body is especially in need of vitamins and nutrients. Just imagine in order to cope with its work, the immune system should regenerate every part of its mechanism! It has to recognize antigenic substances and quickly synthesize a multitude of proteins: immunoglobulins, complement, enzymes. To this end it always needs “building material”, which comes from the food we eat.

What you need to improve immunity in the Spring.

Glutamine. This is a unique amino acid, which accelerates cell division and stimulates an immune response. The need for glutamine increases in periods of intense metabolism: infection, stress, trauma.

What should I eat? The main sources of glutamine – beef, chicken, fish, eggs.

Selenium. Together with vitamin E has an effect on antibody levels in the body. Selenium deficiency causes decreased function of the thymus and the development of T-lymphocytes, which reduces the body’s resistance to infections.

What should I eat? The main sources of selenium are seafood, oats, buckwheat, and olive oil.

Zinc. Involved in virtually all phases of the immune system and in the process of maturation of lymphocytes and cellular immune response. It ensures effective working of the thymus,  the central organ of immunity, and it increases the protective antimicrobial activity of neutrophils and macrophages, and stimulates production of protective antibodies.

What should I eat? Zinc-enriched cereals, crab, beef, turkey, beans, pumpkin seeds.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which tops the list of vitamins that can boost the immune system. It increases the ability of lymphocytes to reproduce themselves and contributes to increase the number of antibodies and i interferon. Please be aware that when cooked most foods loose vitamin C.

What should I eat? Citrus fruits, rose hips broth, pepper, black and red currants.

Vitamin A. Its deficiency leads to a decrease in immune response. The daily requirement for vitamin A should be covered by 15%carotenoids, and 75% actual vitamin A.

What should I eat? Source of carotenoids are carrots, parsley, celery, spinach, wild rose, red peppers, apricots, pumpkin. Vitamin A is found in liver, caviar, egg yolk, butter.

Vitamin E is responsible for the formation of killer cells, and contributes to increase the number of β-cells that produce antibodies preventing inflammation in the body. It inhibits the production of substances that have an inflammatory effect and helps to speed up the healing process.

What should I eat? Sources of vitamin E are vegetable oils (sunflower, soybean, cotton, corn), soya, cod liver oil, buckwheat.

Bioflavonoids. Belong to a group of natural substances (about 400 species), which give colour to vegetables, and fruits. They stimulate the immune system, protecting cells from adverse effects. They also improve the digestion and effect of vitamin C and have strong antioxidant action.

What should I eat? Citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, tangerines), cherries and blue plums, black currants, wild rose, green tea, red peppers and buckwheat.

Include these foods in your diet and your immune system will get everything you need to ensure that disease does not distract you from the happy days of Spring.

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