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Five Women’s Health Myths

    1. Women don’t need multivitamins if they eat well.Current farming practices and packaging methods offer deplete nutrients from our foods. Our bodies are constantly being inundated with toxins and free radicals – in ways in which we are sometimes unaware or helpless to control. Additional support is needed to help our bodies detoxify heavier and heavier toxic burdens.
    2. As you age, sex drive decreases.Its very true that as women approach menopause, all three of the major sex hormones – progesterone, estrogen and testosterone may shift out of balance. Testosterone is the hormone primarily related to libido – so if you are experiencing those hormonal shifts your sex drive may be impacted. Some women may feel unattractive due to mood swings or hot flashes, others may feel distanced from their partners and for some, sex has grown to feel like more of a an obligation than a time of sharing and pleasure. There are several factors which can affect sex drive – the great news is not of these situations is permanent! Sexual desire can be rekindled – it may take some time and some investigation – but the end results can be so rewarding.
    3. All women gain weight during menopause – and few every lose it.It’s important to remember that our bodies are biologically programmed to protect fertility. In the perimenopausal years as the ovaries decrease estrogen production, the body works to store more fat – fat cells can provide another source of estrogen. As ovarian function winds down, our adrenal glands start to produce small amounts of estrogen and other sex hormones. If our adrenals are compromised by chronic stress, more cortisol than we need may be produced affecting our delicate hormonal balance even more. It’s important to remember that our hormones are all interconnected –and explains why weight gain can be caused by imbalances in estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin, cortisol, DHEA and hGH. All of these hormones work in symphony to regulate metabolism and weight.

      It’s not uncommon for women to gain weight during the perimenopausal years – but this weight certainly doesn’t have to be a permanent weight gain.

    4. To lose weight you should eat a low fat, low calorie diet.Our bodies are designed to eat! Most of the women I see are not overeaters! They have underlying imbalances which need to be addressed.

      The most common imbalances are:

      • insulin resistance;
      • thyroid imbalance;
      • toxic overload;
      • adrenal imbalances;
      • food sensitivities.


  1. Your body requires more sleep as you age.Women need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night – sleep is critical to help rebuild and restore. While we may not sleep as deeply or uninterrupted as we did in our 20’s and 30’s…our body’s need for sleep doesn’t change.

    Please listen to your inner self. Listen to what feels right to you – investigate if you are interested – or disregard messages which don’t resonate with you. Use your inner wisdom to decide what is good for you.

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