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Fitness for Kids

For parents, there is nothing more important than the health of our children. How can we ensure that our child takes his first steps on time and that he grows and develops in harmony? The answer to this and other questions are answered by AMC’s Staff Pediatrician, Yosyp Siladi

First and foremost is the love and care of the parents. With this of course, your child should have a complete and balanced diet and plenty of sun and fresh air. Physical activity is also an integral part of child development. The duration and intensity of exercise varies at diff erent ages.

Neo-natal Massage and Gymnastics

Massage and gymnastics can be carried out in the fi rst weeks of an infants life, however brief and gentle the procedures. Over the time the duration can be increased to 20-25 minutes a session. For a baby older than six months the massage techniques can become stronger, using stroking, rubbing, and kneading accompanied by the words that denote the movement. At this stage, the procedure may be increased to 30-45 minutes. From six to nine months physical activity can include exercises to train walking, for example supporting the child’s shoulders or under the arms and slightly tilting forward – as a result, the child refl exively takes a step. Eventually when the baby learns to stand, you can pull him or her upwards, put the child on his feet and walk together. The duration of the first lessons should be only a few minutes, increasing to 20 to 30 minutes over time.

From One Year Old to Three Years – Games and Swimming

Children older than one year love to play and repeat after their parents. Whether it be crouching with dad, dancing with mom, crawling for treasures, or kicking the ball – all of these games will help increase coordination and movements of the baby. It also useful and strongly encouraged to get out in the open air as often as possible. While playing, children become more confident and purposeful.

After Three Years – Active Play and Walking

Children under five years should be as active as possible to encourage a healthy development. Active games, brisk walking, jogging, cycling, skipping or swimming all contribute to a child’s health and should be encouraged. At the school age, the need for physical activity grows and so a child should have at least three hours a day. And so, whether it be outside with mom and dad in the park or dancing at the local kids club down the street, get out with your children or have your children get you out and enjoy the exercise!

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