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Are Colds and Flu Worse in Women Than in Men?

Based on people’s reports of their own symptoms, studies show that colds and the flu may take a bigger toll on women than men. The women are more likely than the men to report severe fatigue and muscle aches when they have a cold or the flu. Even though different types of viruses infect men and women at about the same rates, researchers claim that women’s severe symptoms last longer than men’s.

Women are more likely than men to report moderate or severe earaches, headaches and reductions in appetite when they first go to the doctor. Women are also more likely than men to report severe symptoms of fatigue and muscle aches.

Whether there is a real difference not based on how men and women report their symptoms is yet to be researched.

In the future, the scientists hope to look at the biological differences in cold and flu symptoms in men versus in women. Hormonal differences may play a role in how the immune system responds to these viruses, he said.

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