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A Quick Check-List of Medical Equipment you should have at home!

The most common medical devices one should have at home for handling common sickness or well being:

  • Thermometer. Using a thermometer to check your temperature can help manage illness. Call your health provider if you have a temperature of 100.4° F (38° C) or higher. This could be a sign of infection and should be treated right away.
  • Blood pressure monitor. A blood pressure monitor, otherwise known as sphygmomanometer, is used to measure blood pressure.
  • Glucometer (for those who are tracking their sugar levels). A glucometer is a medical device used to help you monitor sugar levels in the blood. They will also help you keep track of it on a regular basis.
  • Weight scale
  • Steam inhalers. Also called steam therapy, it involves the inhalation of water vapor. The warm, moist air is thought to work by loosening the mucus in the nasal passages, throat, and lungs. This may relieve symptoms of inflamed, swollen blood vessels in your nasal passages.


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COVID-19 Testing at American Medical Centers

We have tested thousands of patients across the country for COVID-19 since we began testing in early April. Here’s the latest information on our testing services:

Whether you have detected COVID-19 symptoms, require an Official COVID-19 Certificate for travelling purposes or if you’re wondering if you’ve previously had coronavirus — contact your local AMC.

Where is AMC testing patients for COVID-19?

We’re currently offering PCR testing to anyone interested either in the clinic or in the comfort of your home/hotel.


If you require numerous employees to be tested on the same day for an upcoming business trip, we can organise an onsite workplace testing session.

How long does it take to get back results?

Results for PCR Testing takes up to 24 hours to process. We also offer rapid testing for those requiring same-day results.

COVID-19 Fit to Fly Travel Certificates available at AMC

Upon request, we may provide a Covid-19 travel certificate for travel purposes, verified by a doctor to provide proof of a negative test result, at no additional cost. When required, a certified Covid-19 travel certificate can be presented to show you’re safe to fly and enter a country.

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