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A Breath of Fresh Air

Urban life can sometimes take its toll on our children’s health: air and noise pollution, crowded places, and an unbalanced diet may increase the risk of childhood allergies, especially in the spring and summer seasons.

Why is it so important?

Dust is a major source of allergens. Did You Know: Over two short weeks, over 12,000 particles of dust for every square horizontal inch can accumulate in a locked apartment. Over the course of a year up to 40 kilograms of dust can accumulate in a three-bedroom apartment.

AMC’s Staff Pediatrician, Alla Feylo, advises how you can protect your infant or toddler from allergies:

• Regularly ventilate the apartment or purchase an air-cleaner / purifier

• Use mattress covers whenever possible; they are much easier to clean than mattresses;

• Vacuum and ventilate sofas, cushions, mattress covers, pillows, blankets, etc.;

• Use vacuums with HEPA-filters, and regularly empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner and replace filters;

• Store seasonal clothes and bedding in vacuum bags – this will keep the clothes dust-free;

• Professionally clean down and feather pillows and blankets at least once a year;

• Make sure that the vents in the bathrooms and kitchen are clean and functioning normally;

• Regularly clean air conditioner filters and appliances;

• Do not allow the appearance of fungus and mold in the apartment (favorite habitat – bathrooms, kitchens, wet places under the old wallpaper).

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