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Family Physician

Elizabeth Dotsenko

M.D. of Medicine

Dr. Dotsenko graduated from Lviv National Medical University in 2016 in the field of Family Medicine. In 2016, Dr. Dotsenko completed her Master’s Program at the School of Bioethics at Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv. Later, in 2017, she moved to Poland where she was certified as Advanced Life Support Provider at European Resuscitation Council, Krakow (Poland).

Dr. Dotsenko continued her Internship in Wroclaw at the Regional Specialist Hospital of Children’s Cardiac surgery and Intensive care unit. She has worked at various NGO humanitarian organizations, including volunteering most recently in Iraq, providing primary health care for internally displaced people in refugee camps.

Dr. Elizabeth Dotsenko joined AMC Kyiv in spring 2018. She speaks fluently English, Polish and Ukrainian.

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