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Pediatric Neurologist Specialist


M.D., Ph.D. of Medicine

Dr. Nechay graduated from the National Bogomolets University as a Paediatrician in 1997 and received her specialization in pediatric neurology at the Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. In 2013 Dr. Nechay wrote her Ph.D. Thesis, which specializes in the topic of “Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy in Children of Early Age”. Since 1998 Dr. Nechay has been working at the Kyiv Pediatric Hospital Number One in and in 2002 she practiced at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow, Great Britain.

Dr. Nechay was an invited speaker at the European Congress on Epilepsy in Vienna, Austria in 2004 and at the Annual Meeting of the British Pediatric Neurology Association in Great Britain in 2005. Possessing the highest category licensure, Dr. Nechay has attended medical conferences and symposiums on neurology in Israel, France, and Great Britain and is published in leading Ukrainian and foreign medical Journals. Dr. Nechay speaks English, Ukrainian, and Russian fluently.

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